About Us

At Revelation Radio, our mission is simple: To share the LOVE and Good News of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible with excellence and integrity. We currently serve up to 350,000 listeners across Southeastern Idaho and western Wyoming on 88.7, 90.1, and 90.3 with solid Bible teaching and amazing Christian music.

We know that none of this can happen without the power and wisdom of God himself, and this drives us to be different from any other station that you might tune into. The God who created the universe inspires us to be constantly innovating, growing and striving for excellence.

We want to be better than secular radio, because we serve a bigger call, a call to excellence that exceeds anything of this world. At Revelation Radio we want the world to see the TRUTH of Gods word, that He LOVES us, and he proved it by sending his son, Jesus CHRIST.

We invite you to listen in and share it with your friends! Thanks For Listening!

Integrity Partners

At Revelation Radio, we believe that all that we say and do should be an act of worship to God, and as such, we strive for our stations to reflect humility and excellence in all that we do.

We have been honored to partner with businesses that hold this same standard of excellence in their workplace, and we take this partnership seriously. Not only are these business owners coming along side Revelation Radio as financial supporters, but we in turn are saying to our listeners that they are trustworthy, they are people of integrity and the way that they conduct themselves in the marketplace is worth our recognition.

Thank you so much to each one of these businesses! We appreciate your integrity, and your support as we proclaim the Truth and Love of Jesus Christ throughout Southeastern Idaho and around the world!

If you are interested in contacting someone about becoming an Integrity Partner, you can email manager@revelationradio.fm

+ What is Underwriting?

Revelation Radio is classified by the Fcc as a “Non-commercial, Educational station,” meaning that we are not classified to “sell advertising” as it is generally understood. Any on air mentions of businesses that you hear on Revelation Radio are classified as “Underwriting Acknowledgements” which means that these businesses have donated to Revelation Radio as a sponsor, and we are “acknowledging” their gift on the air. These “acknowledgements” are fairly closely monitored by the FCC, and we are prohibited from making Qualitative, Quantitative, and Call-to-Action statements under FCC guidelines. We strive to obey the laws of the land, while also doing our best to express our gratitude to our generous sponsors! If the sponsor is a qualified 501c-3 Non-Profit, these guidelines can vary, so please be sure to ask if you have a specific question! Also, please feel free to let us know if you hear an acknowledgment that might have “slipped through the cracks”—We really try to check ourselves, but every once in awhile something escapes our notice! Thanks so much for checking us out!!

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Community Impact Program

Impact is a Revelation Radio feature program that focuses on people and organizations who are making a positive Impact on our community and our world! We have been honored to host community members who are just like you, and they are being used to impact our area! We invite you to check out some of these great organizations, and to listen in on Saturdays at 2 pm for more stories of these community heroes!

We’re always on the lookout for future programs, so if you or your organization is making an impact, we’d love to hear from you! Email manager@revelationradio.fm and let us know about how you are impacting your world!